Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everybody loves a winner....

I came across this article today and it got me thinking The older I get and inevitably the farther I am removed from competitive sports the more I appreciate winners and true professionals. No matter what it is, whether its tennis with guys like Federer and Nadal (very different yet very similar in their excellence) or someone like GE's Jack Welch. This article illustrates that this guy is a winner. He just gets it done and does it with class. Guys like this are great role models especially for young kids and even for old guys like me. As the article illustrates there are some sports and in this case positions where true winners and leaders are becoming hard to find. I remember one of my coach's always saying that everybody loves a winner and this rings truer to me now than when I heard him say it every day. People like being associated with winners, they like watching them succeed and see the good in themselves reflected in a winner's achievements and accomplishments. I have been trying to spend extra time and attention studying winners and successful people. Worst case I learn through osmosis. Typically I am reminded of where I am at in the world's pecking order and what it takes to truly be successful at something. Articles like this keep me hungry and going in the right direction. What winners are you studying?


Anonymous said...


Just wondering if I have your consent to read this to my mens league squad before tonights tilt? There are playoff implications on the line and we need a jolt. But in all seriousness, your point resonates with me. To take it in a slightly different direction, I contend that the qualities a winner possesses, whether in sports or in business, transcend environments. Those who excel in either have the unique ability to inspire others in the midst of intense pressure and tough competition. When the costs of failure are high and margins of error small, it is the winner who stands up and modestly guides those around him. Not the T.O's or Sean Averys of the world, but people like Fitzgerald and Messier, those few class guys who possess that intangible ability to inspire others. The guy who doesn't try to be a role model. The guy who scores a goal and skates to the bench (with maybe a quick fist pump), the one who runs 90 yds for a TD and hands the ball to the official like he does it every day, the guy who makes millions on Wall Street but makes a point to ask the guy sweeping the floor how his son is doing in school. Those are the winners everyone should emulate, study, and aspire to be.

Just my two cents Bades, keep the blog going brohas, good stuff.


Matt Bader said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Now if I can figure out this whole blogging thing I would have your comments show to everyone. Is this Strang by the way? If it is, what the hell has been going on with your life these days. Hit me up.