Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Taste Of Home

So I have been toying around with a Flip Video ever since I left on my deployment. The thing is great for shooting simple short videos which is exactly what I have been using it for. I think it will be a great way to let all my family and friends know what I am doing while I am away. I have been having a hard time describing what it is like to my wife, family and friends because it is so difficult to describe something so different from what any of them have experienced. It is like trying to describe a color. How do you tell someone what red looks like? Maybe I am just not as descriptive in speaking as I am while writing but regardless I need to get better at ensuring that my important human connections feel connected to my daily life while I am away, if for nothing other than for my wife's sanity.

I must say it is a pretty awkward feeling when you are by yourself talking to a camera so my hat goes off to all the video bloggers out there. I plan on setting up a YouTube page and getting it organized so that people who care can get a little taste of what my experiences are like over here in Iraq. The one thing that I have noticed in the few videos I have shot is how different things can come across in video versus just writing about them. You only get one shot to say how you feel on camera so it is a bit different than editing a blog post and it definitely feels a bit more invasive and personal. I guess it is something I will just have to get comfortable with. Well here is a short clip and my inaugural video blog post. Stay tuned for more and for an organized YouTube page with more clips.


RamseyChristmas said...

Sweeeeeet! Can't wait to see a video of you shredding in your ABUs...definitely need to wear the 9mm while you shred to make it even tougher!

Cameron Schaefer said...

I agree, trying to make a video is tough and much more awkward than people realize - for me I always hate hearing myself because I'm way more monotone than I realize like Charlie Brown's teacher - wa wa waaa waaa.

Anyway, all that to say you're the man! Looking forward to more Matt Bader joints...very nice guitar too!

Manspace said...

Les Paul and Mary Ford would agree that thing is awesome.
thnx. g