Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Shark Tank - A New Beauty Reality Show

I found this article about a new reality show that will be debuting soon called Shark Tank. The show is being produced by reality show guru Mark Burnett who has done show such as the Apprentice, Survivor, The Contender. The concept is very intriguing and it will likely be a show that I will be DVRing each week when it hits the tube.

Shark Tank, a forthcoming reality show on ABC, is looking for entrepreneurs with original business concepts and exceptional drive. Participants will be competing for serious start up capital, advice and support from five deep-pocketed business owners. Winners won't get a new car or a trip to Hawaii, but they will get their dream operations off the ground with, in some cases, seven-figure investments.

Most people look for drama in reality TV and to an extent I do as well. However I am most drawn to the reality shows that I can either learn something from, or shows that exemplify the human spirit. To me the drama and entertainment value is just a bonus. That is why I love shows like The Apprentice and The Biggest Loser, but never tune into I Love Money or Rock Of Love Bus (even though Bret Michaels is a classic 80's embodiment).

"In this situation we lined up five wealthy sharks who have the money to invest," he says. "Entrepreneurs come in one by one. There's no elimination. There's no game there. Each entrepreneur gives their business pitch - who they are, why they're worthy. Either the sharks are in or out. If all five say, 'I'm out,' the entrepreneur leaves empty handed. If more than one shark remains in, then there's blood in the water because then these sharks go against each other."

This show should be a beauty and a must see for all those interested in business. I am interested to see into the relatively cloaked world of venture capitalism, and to see how realistic it really is. Check out a video sneak peak here. If you think you have what it takes to be on the show you can apply here. Good Luck!

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