Saturday, October 10, 2009

Great Viral Marketing And A Few Good Laughs - Guitar Hero Video

When you think of cat like screams, a few sweaty bodies, horribly odd & contorted body motions, smeared makeup, and loud evil music, there are plenty of thoughts that come to mind. A video games with plastic instruments isn't necessarily the first scene that comes to mind. But the odd description above is quite typical of any group of people shredding their hearts out while playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and anyone who has participated in a living room jam session can attest to the games fun and addictive qualities. The concept of the game is remarkable enough to spread sales through word of mouth, but as all great marketers do the makers of Guitar hero are looking to get the word out through multichannel marketing. When I came across this beauty video I couldn't help but think that there is a little of this music nerd in all of us. I think the video below is a great example of what internet/viral/whatever you want to call it marketing should be all about. Not only does the clip have an ethos, eliciting a feeling that there is a little rock star in all of us, but it is funny as hell and likely to be emailed to friends and family, talked about in the office, or posted on blogs. The story screams that no matter how much we have repressed our inner rock demons the Guitar Hero gift from the rock Gods is the way to unleash the fury within. Even if you don't know much about music or have never considered yourself to be a musical person the message is loud and clear in this video. I love how they narrate via cheesy 80's power ballad in the background similar to the hugely successful "real men of genius" series by Bud Lite. My favorite part though is when he signs the ladies rack at work...classic! Enjoy the presentation and I would love to hear some comments on this video and how it does or does not do it for you from a marketing or a comedy standpoint.

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