Monday, August 3, 2009

CEO's & Execs Rate Obama

Check out this slideshow and what some corporate leaders have to say about President Barack Obama's performance thus far. Like any other segment of people in the United States, their responses and beliefs span the entire spectrum of possible outlooks. That is what is so interesting about politics and our outlook on politics as human beings. All of these leaders play under very similar rules, yet through their life experiences, their industry, their personality, etc. they all have differing views on how our leader in chief is doing. Interesting stuff that is definitely worth a glance.

To some top executives, President Barack Obama is "rapidly socializing the United States." Others see his initiatives on everything from healthcare reform to the saving of GM as crucial for sparing the U.S. from even deeper economic trouble. We quizzed numerous leaders of small, medium, and large companies on how they think the President has done in his first six months in office. Some give him a failing grade; others, top marks. Read on to see what these business leaders think of the CEO-in-chief.

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