Sunday, August 16, 2009

Checking For Charity Corporation - A Journey In The Formation Of A Movement

Well it has been a crazy few weeks for me. With the move up to Boston, bumming around between a hotel and friends houses, our stuff in storage for weeks, and a new job to boot I really haven't had enough time to keep up on BadskiBlog. However, I wanted to write about Checking For Charity a bit since our inaugural hockey tournament and event is less than a week away. Obviously I have been stressed about a lot of things lately during our life transition, but Checking For Charity is honestly one of the things that has stressed me out the most.

I am a type A personality. I like to be in control. I am not one of those people who needs to be in charge of every group or team, but I like to feel like I am in control of my life and anything that I decide to undertake. I think that stems more from my belief that with enough perseverance, hard work and dedication you can accomplish most things you set out to do in this world than from a hunger for power.

With CFC's tournament taking place in Voorhees New Jersey, I am obviously not co-located with my team of buddies who have stepped up to build this corporation and make this first event happen. And believe me it has been very difficult for me. I like to be in the trenches so to speak. When I lead I typically shut my mouth, put my head down and skate, and lead by example. I have always gotten along quite in a team environment, so that coupled with trying to lead by example has always made leadership roles a fairly comfortable place for me. In fact most times I don't even really feel like THE leader. I feel like someone who is respected amongst friends and teammates seeking a common goal. Well that is still the case with CFC, however being a few states away I really have had to place a lot of trust in other people to come through where I would typically be fairly close to the action. As I said it has been difficult, but I could not be more proud of the people who have stepped up to help. Their creativity and initiative is truly going to make our first event a memorable one.

As stressful as it has been it has also been a huge learning experience for me in the art of leadership. This tournament is a living example that if you surround yourself with good people, lay out a vision, and give them the means to contribute and improve upon that vision they will astonish you. Taking nothing away from myself or any of the guys who have become part of this creative smorgasbord, but we aren't top level executives or Rhodes scholars. For the most part we are just everyday average guys who came together and have created something that is, in my opinion, pretty damn cool.

Here are some bullet point updates for you to digest. If you are unfamiliar with what the Checking For Charity movement is all about you can check it out in the upper right corner of this blog or click here. If you are at all inspired and would like to contribute please do. There are many opportunities to help other than just monetarily (although that is good too). Simply spreading the word to others who may want to be part of our movement is a great and relatively simple way to contribute. Join us on Facebook. If you are in the NJ/Philly/NY area and would like to participate as a player, spectator, volunteer, or even beer consumer please visit the site and contact us.

- There are now 8 teams competing in the tournament representing a wide variety of charities which are listed on the website.

- There will be T-shirts, Polo's, and hoodies available for sale at the tournament and eventually on the website. All proceeds will go towards charity. BIG THANKS to Mikey at Quality Concepts for their generous donation.

- There will be food and frosty beverages available outside the arena for all to enjoy.

- On Sunday a formal presentation will be made by the tournament committee to a representative of each charity and the team captain of the team who represented them. Media will be present to witness the trophy presentations as well as the giant check presentation to each team detailing how much was raised for their cause.

- The trophy presentation will consist of one trophy to the winning team as well as a travelling trophy with the winning team's name and charity engraved on it which will be maintained by the corporation.

- Be on the look out for some prominent individuals from the professional sporting world. More details to come.

- If you are interested in having an event in your area let us know. Checking For Charity 2.0 is seeking to serve as a vehicle and mentor for those who are looking to change the world through competitive hockey events. "Our Goal Is To Assist!"

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