Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lessons Learned From A Small Biz Startup

The cliche that you don't live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself so learn from other people's mistakes, is a cliche for a reason. Because its true! Keeping that in mind I try and learn as much as I can from other people either through personal connections or through the immortalized lessons they leave behind in the form of text. I found an article on CNN Money about Viking Range, an innovative small business that merged two different market segments to create their own little niche. Founder Fred Carl Jr. was interviewed in the article published here. He had some interesting advice to give in the relatively short article, but there was one lesson that really stuck out to me. See below.

What advice can you give other entrepreneurs?

The line between stubbornness and perseverance is thin. If you're emotionally and professionally convinced that your idea is sound, then be very stubborn. And don't be afraid to tell Khrushchev to take a hike.

I have heard this advice in numerous different forms and I think it is great advice. If I had to put it into my own quote as to help me embody it in my everyday practice I would say that "you need to be stupid and naive enough to just go for it, while being smart and persistent enough to keep going once you've started!" Great advice for anyone who wants to start their own business or non-profit or whatever the case may be.

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