Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Black Dahlia Murder Album Streaming In Full

Wow. WOW. WOW!!! This album is the best album to date by Michigan death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder. From the first second of this streaming madness I knew it was going to be a sick album. The album is fast and brutally heavy, yet it still remains incredibly melodic. Most importantly in the increasingly saturated death metal genre, the album remains tangible. They are still songs, not just intense sometimes impressive wankery. The band has progressed on this release as well. The album sounds more cohesive now that they have settled in with Shannon on drums. The new guitarist Ryan formerly of Arsis has definitely brought some unique influences to the table. I don't know how much writing he did since most is done by riffmaster Brian, but to me the riffs sound more diverse and the solos blow anything away that was done in the past. It just seems like they are experimenting more with layering different riffs instead of just relying on harmonies of the same riff. Trevor vocals have expanded their range and tone as well. Honestly I can say within the first go round of this album that it is my favorite album of theirs and I am discovering new nuances with each listen. This is one of those albums that has earned a legitimate CD purchase from me, due to the quality of the intricately tasty ear candy it delivers. I might even purchase a hoodie or shirt for good measure. If these dudes keep churning out bludgeoning metal of this caliber I will do whatever it takes to keep them living the dream and writing jams. Do yourself a favor fellow metalhead shredders and check out this sure to be album of the year candidate by The Black Dahlia Murder!

Trevor says listen to our metal mastery HERE!

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