Friday, September 18, 2009

Checking For Charity Final Tally!!!!

Well folks the day has come to announce the final tally for the first annual Checking For Charity hockey event. It took a while for some of our corporate sponsors to pony up so to speak but we finally collected and counted all the money that we have raised for distribution to our 8 outstanding charities. The final take was an amazing $9,211.02! The $211.02 will be kept in the Checking For Charity account to account for ancillary costs and as a start for next season's costs. The $9,000.00 will be given to the charities via check presentation shortly. The breakdown is as follows as well as the charities that were represented:

5th place - 8th place - $900.00
4th place - $1080.00
3rd place - $1260.00
2nd place - $1440.00
1st place - $1620.00

The Hawks
Captain: Phil Corradino
Charity: Preeclampsia Foundation

The Seidens
Captain: Stu Seiden
Charity: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Team Hardenbergh
Captain: Mitch Larnerd
Charity: Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation

Team Bramando
Captain: Justin Britton
Charity: The Barry Ashbee Foundation

West Deptford Alumni
Captain: Doug DeHart
Charity: Jarrett Jackmuff Memorial Fund

Paulie's Barrel Scrapers
Captain: Paul Caruso
Charity: The Living Heart Foundation

Team Endeavor Fitness
Captain: Shamus Savage
Charity: American Heart Association

The URI Alumni Team
Captain: Denny Locantore
Charity: Family Support Line

I could not be more proud of all the individuals who were a part of such a special weekend. We exceeded all expectations both monetarily and otherwise. I wrote a letter to my "Team MVP's" which is basically my term for the people who rallied around this thing to make it happen. The letter was to express my extreme gratitude and humility surrounding the whole experience. I quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that,"whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success." I wrote them that quote because it embodied what our organization's ethos is all about. 'Our Goal Is To Assist' is our motto and we lived it with passion and integrity in our first event. Checking For Charity is committed to changing the world through competitive hockey events and I am just so proud that we have changed the world even if it is in some small way. To do it alongside the caliber of people who were a part of the event made it all the more special. Thank you all participants, volunteers, captains, charitable organizations, and team mvp's. You have made me a happy man!

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