Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Checking For Charity Corporation - Final Final Tally!

I know that I posted a Checking For Charity final tally last week, but apparently I spoke too soon. The inaugural tournament champions Team Hardenbergh played for the Ed Snyder Youth Hockey Foundation (ESYHF). By winning the tournament they took home the coveted Checking For Charity cup as well as an 18% share of the overall proceeds from the event. Their 18% came out to be $1,620.00. Earlier this week team captain Mitch Larnerd and Checking For Charity Vice Chairman Chris Mattie presented the foundation with their check. The ESYHF has graciously matched our donation two fold donating another $3,240.00 which brings our tournament total up over $12,450.00! Our organization’s stretch goal was $10k for this tournament so to be pleasantly surprised with this match donation is amazing. We have also been contacted by numerous organizations and charities looking to help with our next event. Our main focus for the next event is hitting the corporate push and marketing campaign hard and early. We were hindered by the IRS this year due to their speedy processing of our tax exempt status which is measured in months. However, next event the shell that is Checking For Charity Corporation will already be in place allowing us to focus entirely on the event ahead us instead or building a corporation. We also have developed a successful model that with be easy to replicate and expand upon. The future looks bright for Checking For Charity.

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