Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Day For Metal Videos

I stumbled across a few beauty videos at Metal Injection and thought them Badskblog worthy. The first video is the Massachusetts metalers Shadows Fall debuting a new song from their forthcoming release entitled Retribution. These guys aren't the heaviest band in the world, but it is still pretty badass that they are getting some national play. The new song Still I Rise actually sounds a bit heavier than their last few albums. The singing is a bit cleaner and more melodic, but it sounds pretty heavy to me. See what the dudes at Metal Injection had to say below as well as upcoming metal performances on Jimmy Fallon.

I stayed up to watch SHADOWS FALL on Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon last night, and for an old man like me, that's sort of a big deal. Anytime any metal band gets some good old national exposure on TV, I always get excited and feel the need to support. The Massholes came out and completely rocked the house at 30 Rock last night. As much as I don't really favor Fallon's comedic stylings, I think it's really cool that he is having metal bands on his show. Fuck, MEGADETH was just announced as performing there on Thursday, September 17th (technically Friday morning). Anyway, if you missed the performance, we uploaded it here. The band's new CD, Retribution is in stores September 15th.

The next clip, also found on Metal Injection, is the new video from one of my favorite bands of all time; The Black Dahlia Murder. Not only is the song ridiculously awesome and brutal, the video is one of the funniest I have seen since....well their last video. Nothing says metal like bowling shirts. The band recently added a former Arsis guitar shredder who, judging by this tune, will only make their next album all the better. I really don't think their is anyone doing death metal better than The Black Dahlia Murder right now. They have the best riffs, are extremely technical, yet they remain melodic, interesting and most importantly tangible. I cannot wait for the band's new CD, Deflorate, to be released. It is in stores September 15th so go buy it....or if you download it then buy some of their merch because we need to keep these guys pumping out tunes for as long as humanly possible.

Sorry for the duel play videos. I haven't figured out how to get rid of the auto play.

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