Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The GMAT vs. The BadskiBlog

Last night was my first class for the Kaplan GMAT preparation course and I must say that although I am a bit rattled about the test, the class was pretty enjoyable and will definitely serve me well as I progress. More important than the class is going to be my own commitment to intense studying. The most common theme that Kaplan has found amongst those who score 100 points or more higher than their diagnostic test is that they study more than 100 hours over the duration of the course. I have broken that down to roughly a two hour a day study commitment, with the flexibility to miss a day or so as long as I make up for it on the weekend. To me that is an intense study commitment, even having come from a service academy where I was intellectually overmatched by the average cadet and faculty member. However, it is an intense commitment that I plan to stick to for the next 6 weeks or so. Although I am slightly intimidated looking holistically at the challenge ahead I am excited to fully dedicate myself to the cause. Unfortunately this will undoubtedly place a major damper on the amount of quality writing I can commit to deliver to you, the badass reader of Badskiblog. My mitigation strategy is to post some quality video clips that will minimize my time invested while still providing those interested with some valuable content. If any of you would like to break into blogging for the first time or would like to expose your content to a different audience please feel free to write up a guest post on a topic of your choice and send it my way. Thanks and wish me luck on the long journey towards hopeful GMAT success.

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