Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Future of Publishing

I came across this article on CNN yesterday about the trend towards self publishing. I think it is pretty cool that authors who would never have opportunity to spread their message are now empowered to get their hands dirty and do it themselves.

I also think that it is about time there is a paradigm shift in publishing from an efficiency standpoint. Being as I am working to make the Air Force more lean, I can't help but have eyes for waste in other industries as well. The old way of publishing is writing a book and printing 3.000 copies with hope that you can sell them all. Self publishing is in essence a pull system. Books are only printed as they are ordered.

Later in the day I came across this post talking about the dangers of self publishing. In my opinion it is a little extreme. Sounds like a published author is a little worried about the future. I don't think traditional publishing is going away anytime soon and even if it did I think this guy is missing the point. I have already spoken about why I love blogs. I think that they truly are a meritocracy that even the playing field for people's point of view. The blogs that put out the best product virally build more and more readers. People link to other blogs, re post sections like I have done hear, email to friends, use programs like Digg or Stumble Upon and value is rewarded. I think that self published media would function in a very similar fashion.

My view is why fight the future? Adapt and find ways to incorporate the ways of the future to better your life. Plus I think I have a better chance self publishing than getting a traditional publisher's backing, and given that I originally wanted to be a creative writer growing up (go figure) I think that the opportunity to put out your own book is pretty cool.

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Tom said...

On an only-semi-related note, I thought you might find this article that I read a couple weeks ago interesting:


If this is true, as I suspect it is, people are going to have to re-think their already re-thought ideas on making money on the internet. The "next step" of our turn-of-the-century's past is already at least a step behind. When something as popular as YouTube is set to lose money::


::something in the business model has to change, and it may be the face of advertising on the internet.

My guess is say goodbye to banner ads and say hello to completely integrated, even covert, advertising.

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