Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Know It All Blogger Syndrome

The longer I maintain BadskiBlog the more torn I am. When it comes to blogging, there is a very difficult balance between sounding like a self indulgent know it all and continuing to write about the types of topics I am interested in covering and exploring with my readers.

Often I feel as though I am shelling out advice, which might cause people to say “who the hell is this guy?” The average person to stumble across my blog doesn’t know (or probably care) who I am. Our society loves experts and credentials. I don’t have ungodly credentials or expertise on the majority of things I am writing about. However, neither does the average reader I would assume. I don’t know a better way of learning and progressing than just jumping in so that has sort of been my philosophy and manifesto with this blog. As I said before it is slightly uncomfortable to put yourself out there in that fashion but I think the value added to my life has outweighed my discomfort. So let this little ditty serve as a disclaimer that I am not perfect. I do not think I am perfect. I do not flaunt a badge of awesomeness. Many of the posts I publish and explore are some of the same areas that I struggle with personally in my everyday life.

I am trying to think of more creative ways to make my blog more interactive than just a section for comments (which most people avoid). The guest post invitation is always open and valuable to the site, but I am looking for more. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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Tom said...

Thougher question... What does one do if they DO know-it-all, but they still want to appear approacable to the common man?