Friday, March 6, 2009

From the Closet - Lita Ford

From the Closet Lita Ford "Kiss Me Deadly" - In another installment providing the greatest memories of 80's past, I am proud to present a video that sums up everything great about 80's hair metal all at once. Besides being on of the hottest metal chicks of all time, Lita Ford gave us some awesome songs. None of those songs ring truer in my 80's loving heart than Kiss Me Deadly.

Kiss Me Deadly is the catchiest 80's metal tune ever. It conjures up images of Molly Ringwold, slap bracelets, spandex aerobics gear (for obvious reasons), and keytars. Lita has an uncanny ability to appeal to the bubblegum pop audience while still remaining true enough to her metal roots. This is probably why hair metal was so big back then, its crossover ability into the mainstream. Now I know all the real metal heads are probably screaming right now that this kind of music isn't metal and the real metal was still underground. True, point taken, whatever. I know if I was born 10 years earlier I would have been one of the pimple faced thrash kids wearing a Master of Puppets t shirt, a Canadian tuxedo, and white high tops complaining about the popularity and poseur nature of the hair metal scene. But, albeit conveniently, I can now look back with nothing but love for the cheesiness and hilarity of the 80's hair band wave. With all that said, no one can really deny that Lita could actually play the guit-fiddle and write some pretty cool tunes. Besides anyone who can be that attractive and still write lyrics like, "I went to a party last Saturday night. I didn't get laid, I got in a fight. Uh huh. It ain't no big thang" is fine by me. Although I am sure she never lived that experience, she projected that kind of attitude. Maybe it stemmed from her time with the Runaways, the badass all girl rock band from the late 70's, or maybe it was just her trying to fit into a hyper-sexual-macho 80's hair metal scene. Who cares?! She sold it and we enjoyed it.

I was recently watching That Metal Show on VH1 Classic (awesome channel for music fans by the way) and Lita was on the show being interviewed by Eddie Trunk. She looked a little worn for wear, which I guess is understandable since she is like 45 and there is only one way to go from being the hottest metal chick ever. However, she was pumped about all her fans past and present and seemed truly genuine and grateful for her career. She talked about how her own kids are grown up and now that the family thing is winding down she will be heading back out on tour! I am not sure I would pay too much money to see Lita live these days, but I appreciate her metal spirit and most of all the great song and video for Kiss Me Deadly. I have include a live version of the tune from her heyday to prove she could rock it live, however please do yourself a favor and pull the actual video out from the YouTube closet and enjoy.

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The Hundley said...

I'm going to pretend that you didn't author this.

I saw you read Heroin Diaries. You need to check out "Slash". One of the funniest and most rock 'n roll books ever.