Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Personal MBA Update

The Personal MBA reading list has been updated for 2009. Luckily the books I have ordered/read are still on the list. If you haven't gone and read the manifesto and checked out the reading list you can find it here.

I just finished my second book from the list, well actually it was an audio book. The audio book is titled "The Art of Exceptional Living" by Jim Rohn. The first thing that struck me about the audio book was how short it was. The thing only had two discs which is quite short compared to most audio books I have listened to. The second thing that I noticed was how ridiculous Jim Rohn's voice was! Wow! This guy sounds like a combination of Dana Carvey's George Bush "Read My Lips" impersonation and the Church Lady. I must say that voice aside he was a pretty good speaker. The disc was a combination of live lectures and studio recorded lessons. For how short the recording was, it was packed with lessons, quotes, and little tidbits of information that are pretty powerful. I know it's probably not the safest thing in the world, but I was jotting down notes at stoplights and while I was cruising down the highway just to capture important concepts and quotes. That was pretty much the only downfall of the audio book is that it put a damper on my new note taking strategy. All in all I think the book was good with some great points and an even better message. If I had to summarize the message it would be: develop your personal philosophy, don't change circumstances change yourself, take responsibility for everything, read and learn constantly. I have included the key points I could decipher from my chicken scratch while driving notes below.

- Philosophy is the key to success - Your personal philosophy is everything

- People complain about their circumstances. Don't bash the stuff you have because it is all you got. It is how you react that matters

-Study what you want- money, happiness, etc.

- "Leaders are readers!" The one constant among all successful people is that they read!

- "What you have at the moment, you've attracted by the person you have become"

- Do something different with your same circumstances

- You can only change the outside by changing what is on the inside

- Self improvement typically starts with money because it is the most measurable and tangible. People start with money because you can count it!

- Become more valuable as a person. If you make $5 per hour that is what you are worth to the marketplace. Disney CEO makes $52M per year because he is more valuable

- "Work harder on yourself than you do on your job"

- Life and business are like the seasons and you can't change the seasons so change yourself
1. Learn to handle the winters. There are always down times and down markets.
2. Take advantage of spring opportunities. These are the times after the winters
3. Nourish and protect in summer. All good gets attacked and all values must be defended
4. Reap in fall with out complaint. Accept responsibility when bad and don't feel guilty when you succeed.

- Five Principles
1. Ability to absorb - welcome to the university of life, soak it in
2. Ability to respond - know how to feel
3. Ability to reflect - reflect on days, months, years
4. Ability to act - know the law of diminishing intent. Act now but not irrationally
5. Ability to share - by sharing you gain more than you give. If you tell to 10 people they hear it once and you hear it 10 times

- Most people say take care of other people or do things for other people. He says "I will work on/take care of me FOR you" This is similar to Ayn Rand's theory that the rational pursuit of one's own self interest is the highest virtue

- Only 3% of the population has a library card. A library card is all it takes to begin to better yourself. Be the minority join the 3%!

- The best you can do is not all you can do. It's not enough. If you do 5 push ups and say I did my best that's all I can do is that really true? No. If you wait a minute you can do 5 more. And in a few days you can do 10. Eventually you can do 50. Doing your best over time will yield results and begin your personal development.

I realize that some of my notes probably don't seem very insightful. In fact some might seem just downright dumb. However, they are key concepts that I absorbed by actually listening to the audio book. Don't be tempted to try and pick the key concepts out of someone else's notes or a summary of the book. Experience the books for yourself and start your own learning journey whether it is with the Personal MBA or your own program.

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