Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interesting Stimulus Article

I found this article today and I think it is pretty interesting. Discern what you will from the facts. For me this is just another reason that I not too thrilled about the prospects of "stimulus." Especially since no one in our government can agree on what stimulus spending actually is. Another thing I found interesting is how our country as a whole is viewing the crisis as a domestic issue. I must say that when I read this article I feel that I have fallen into that trap a bit as well. I am sure part of it is the media coverage, but I think the other part is that our government is tackling this as a domestic issue. I think it is much more appropriate to view the current economic crisis through a global lens. When you think of the globe as one interconnected marketplace, it makes the prospects for success surrounding the stimulus much more grim in my view. I could be wrong but it's a new and an ever increasingly interconnected world out there, yet we are still viewing the issues of today as though it were the market crash of 1929.

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