Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strategic Life Focus

I have been thinking a bit more about the Post For The Optimists and how we as humans react to adversity. It is not easy to stay positive. I think most people would describe me as a positive person, however those who know me also know that I am extremely emotional and in the short term I can get very discouraged and sometimes a little negative. Typically after I get the heart pumping, I settle down and try to analyze the situation and move forward. I have been trying to figure out my reactionary paradox and I think it is all in the way you view the cards you are dealt. I am trying to view things through a strategic life focus. What I mean by that phrase is that you should look at the grand scheme of things. Try to see how the circumstances you are in will affect your life as a whole, given that it plays out how you envision. Will this moment matter in 10 years, a year, a month, a week? In short, think long term. I think that if you view a tough scenario through this lens it can temper some of the childish reactions that we as humans naturally revert to. Just a theory but I am going to give it a shot.

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