Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Can't Legislate a Recession

I happened to be near a TV for a few minutes today at work and I am glad that I was. I caught a few minutes of this interview on Fox News with British Parliament member Daniel Hannan. Before I get bombarded with "Fox News is the most biased right wing propoganda machine" accusations please actually watch the video. Daniel Hannan took on the British Prime Minister and expressed many frustrations that many Americans are feeling right now. What I found particularly intriguing about Mr. Hannan was that he is a politician who actually says what he thinks, not what his party or self interest dictates. Within his 15 minute interview he slams the current bailouts taking place in the US, UK and beyond, admits he would have voted for Obama, condemns GOP spending for the last 8 years, and acknowledges that he thinks banning gay marriage is an invasion of states rights. Talk about someone who doesn't vote along party lines. What I liked even more was his Warren Buffett-esque ability to make every point so simplistic and reasonable. That is an invaluable quality that, coupled with his seeming honesty, is very refreshing and something I wish our political fleet had more of. His best line has to be "you can't legislate your way out of a recession." I love the friends with credit cards comparison as well. No matter your political makeup you have to appreciate the straightforward approach to standing up for what you believe in that Daniel Hannan displays in these videos. And if that doesn't do it for you, you have to admire the cojones he has blasting by the Prime Minister for all to see (see it here). Check out the video below first and then enjoy the Prime Minister scolding.

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