Thursday, March 5, 2009

NHL Trade Tracker

The trade deadline has passed and there was a lot of last minute action. There are some deals that I will be watching to see how they play out as the playoffs unfold. It's always hard to say who got the better deal, especially in situations where draft picks are involved. I would say in the new salary cap era it is safe to say that draft picks are a bit more valuable than they were in the past as drafting teams seem to be outperforming free agent teams in the new NHL. I love the trade deadline deals in the NHL. Partly because I think hockey is the greatest game ever and I am most familiar with it. But part of it is the playoff dynamic that exists in the NHL. Those who have never watched playoff hockey before do yourself a favor and check out a game. The intensity and passion elevate to new heights come post season, and it truly is a great thing to watch. Another great thing about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is that it is so unpredictable. This isn't the NBA, the best team on paper isn't a shoe in to win the whole thing. Rarely has a team won the regular season race and gone on to win the Stanley Cup. Part of it is who gets hot at the right time (especially a team with a hot goaltender), part of it is staying injury free, and another part is your transactions at the deadline to either build for the future or fill in a need for the playoff push. There are some teams that are definitely tooling for the playoffs this year and its going to be exciting to see the new team dynamics that emerge as we head towards another exciting Stanley Cup race. Check out the tracker here and post comments on who your horse is to win the greatest quest in sports.

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