Friday, June 5, 2009

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

I have been wanting to see this movie for a few months now and it's clips like this that make me want to even more. My parents and brother saw the movie and said it was awesome. They described it as funny and borderline sad how delusional the band is, yet they said it truly was an inspiring movie to see someone who is so passionate, optimistic, and dedicated to their craft. Not only does the film touch on topics explored on BadskiBlog such as optimism, a passion for living, and friendship the movie is all about a metal band.

For those who haven't heard Anvil was at the forefront of the 80's thrash movement and got a touch of spotlight on the Monster's of Rock tour alongside bands like the Scorpions and ACDC. Since then they have toured endlessly in relative obscurity until they ran into an old fan and friend who happened to be a movie maker. The old fan/movie maker was so inspired that they had carried on their childhood promise to live the 'metal life' that he convinced them to do a documentary. And that is how the film came to be.

Here is portion of an interview done on CNN which can be viewed in its entirety here.
CNN: What was the reaction when Sacha came to you and said he wanted to do a documentary on Anvil?

Steve "Lips" Kudlow: I started crying, because it seemed like kismet, as if it was all meant to be this way. And quite honestly, it is. My internal optimism told me this is going to be the most successful thing that's ever happened to me, and perhaps one of the greatest things that's happened to rock music -- the greatest rock documentary that's ever happened.

CNN: Robb?

Robb Reiner: My initial reaction was that this was going to be cool, but I wasn't really sure if anybody would care. After Sundance, I knew that this thing was going to be very successful. ... [It got] standing ovations. At that point, I knew something was coming.

CNN: The film, fairly or unfairly, has been presented as a real-life "Spinal Tap." Is that fair?

Kudlow: It was purposely done.

Reiner: It's fair. What can you say? We're a heavy metal band. My name is Robb Reiner. [The director] is the other Rob Reiner, and Spinal Tap is the fake Anvil.

But, outside of that ... it was a Trojan horse to lead people into this. Realistically, we're not like Spinal Tap, and the movie's nothing like it either. It's a spin that's been created by the media, and we've just been having fun with it.

Hopefully I can see the film soon and write a follow up review for all the metalheads and Badskiblog readers out there.

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