Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living The Dream - Old Time Hockey

These guys are awesome! Check out this article I found on CNN and watch the video below. I used to dream of playing in the Stanley Cup finals but since my competitive career has ended my new dream is to ‘grow up’ to be one of these guys. Who knows, with me moving up to Boston I could be playing with these guys sooner than I'd like. You gotta love all the great one liners these guys throw around. I think it just shows that most hockey guys are the same everywhere or at every age for that matter. I also love that they actually admit to having some geriatric fisticuffs on the ice….classic!

In the 16 years of the Bald Eagles' existence, Lyons says, there may have been one or two skirmishes. "We can't hit very hard," he adds.

I think these old timers sum up what the game is really all about. Hockey is all about being surrounded by great human beings. I really miss playing the game competitively and all the things that come with playing at a high level, but what I miss the most is being surrounded by 25 of my best friends traveling the world and experiencing things not many people get to experience. To this day I still have more fun hanging out with the guys than I do playing in the men's league games. Not to mention its a great network to be a part of. It's always a good thing to be part of group of great people that come from and do a variety of things.

Besides staying in shape, there are other reasons they show up. Says Dick Lyons: "Most of us miss the social dimensions of work, and this kind of compensates in a small way for that kind of camaraderie."

This is why I love sports and am such a huge proponent of what they represent. You can learn everything you need to learn in life through your experience in sports. Sports maintain that childlike idealism in us and we are whisked away for a quick glimpse of the world and what it is capable of being. To the world where things just feel right. Beauty story....

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