Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sales Vs. Marketing - Checking For Charity

As the Checking For Charity Movement begins to stand up it's website it is articles like this one that get me thinking of the best way to strategically roll out our marketing push. I got this post of Seth Godin's blog and it really hit home to me when I read it.
The difference between marketing and sales
Marketing tells a story that spreads.
Sales overcomes the natural resistance to say yes.

If you don't pay the sales force (because you go direct, or you go free), then who is going to do that for you? The only answer that occurs to me is, "your users/fans/customers."

This means that a critical element of any strategy that ditches the sales force is to figure out how you will empower and encourage your customers to take their place. Easier said than done.

Hopefully the nature of Checking for Charity doesn't require our movement to persuade others to say yes. Hopefully people are inspired by the inherently good nature of our corporations existence so much so that they truly want to make a difference whether that difference is donating monetarily or spreading our story to others who are empowered to grow our movement. If you are at all interested in the Checking for Charity movement leave a comment below or email me at truecore27@aol.com.

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