Thursday, June 4, 2009 is now up and running. For those who don't know what the Checking For Charity Corporation is you can check out my previous posts here or join our Facebook movement here. The website will serve as our vehicle to spread information regarding the tournament as well as the donation center for the charity. If you are interested in donating or in putting in a team please visit the site.

The whole experience of forming the charity has been very frustrating at times but very rewarding as well. As more teams get locked in to play and represent their various charities I think it will be all the more rewarding. If more and more people join the Checking For Charity movement and spread the word to friends and local businesses the whole experience could morph into something that is truly special. If you are interested in joining the Checking For Charity street team dedicated to spreading our mission please continue to check the website and Facebook page. Thanks to all who have contributed so much so far.

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