Monday, June 22, 2009

New Blog Addition - Schaefer's Blog

I am adding a new blog to the list that I follow consistently. Disclaimer: I know this fellow blogger. I am adding Schaefer's Blog to the list. We both graduated the same year from Air Force Academy and I just recently began sampling his blog. He also writes for The Art of Manliness so he is the first to make my list twice. We didn't know each other all that well at school but I remember him being a good dude, and I have really been enjoying his posts lately. I hope you enjoy his blog. Here is a sampling of some of his work.

When I first created this blog, I was just coming out of a season of intense and enriching mentorship. I had recently graduated from the Air Force Academy where I had been surrounded by great teachers and officers, and through my local church I had made relationships with several quality individuals that poured their lives into me. So, it was only natural that most of my content would be focused on the various lessons I had learned throughout that time.

Since then, I’ve moved into a new season of my life. And though I’ve still maintained close contact with many mentors, my interests and passions have taken new, unexpected twists. That’s life. As many of you have noticed, I’ve posted very little content over the past several months. Though much of this has had to do with my crazy schedule as a C-17 pilot, the other has to do with a lack of passion for the subject matter I’d originally built my blog around.

Lessons in Skilled Living implies just that - each blog post imparting a life lesson. Well, for now I’m out of lessons, at least, I am not that interested in writing about them.

What am I interested in writing about? War, coffee, books, strategy, Christianity, technology, philosophy, the Middle East, John Boyd, education, movies, the outdoors, flying, Africa, being a dad/husband, music, wine, entrepreneurship, economics, foreign policy….just to name a few.


Cameron Schaefer said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for adding me to your Blog List - really appreciate it!

Just checked out your blog for the first time in about a month and you've really been pumping out a lot of quality content! Nice work, I know it's tough to be consistent.

I subscribed so I'll be able to keep up a bit more and hopefully help create a good discussion about some of the things you're writing about.

Matt Bader said...

Thanks dude. I would love to have to write a guest post if you are interested. I get bored of only having my own stuff on here so I am always looking to get some other views on the blog. How are you liking the NW? I can't wait to move back to the mother land in Portland OR. I love it! Hope all is well.